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At Night I Fly lineup (2012) Zoltán 'BZ' Bátky - vocals, backing vocals, keyboard programming András Ádám Horváth - acoustic and electric guitars, keyboard programming Zoltán Hegyaljai-Boros - bass guitar Gábor Nagygyörgy - drums Guest: Barnabás Hidasi - additional synth programming, keyboard solo in track 2.

At Night I Fly – September Kills

  • Alienated
  • September Kills
  • Spiral
  • Stolen Seconds

Music by András Ádám Horváth and Zoltán Bátky Lyrics by Zoltán Bátky Recorded, mixed and mastered in Jókai Club, DreyeSound Studio and HL Studio by Barnabás Hidasi Digital edition by Laura Vesztergom Original cover concept by Zoltán Bátky, final cover art by Dávid Talpas Cover design and band photo by Olívia Nagy Produced by András Ádám Horváth and Barnabás Hidasi Original, online edition has been released on 5th of November, 2012. A limited CD edition has been released in 2015 and an extra limited cassette edition has been released on the 15th Record Store Day, 13rd of April, 2022.