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PhoeniX Files lineup (2011) Zoltán 'BZ' Bátky - vocals, backing vocals József 'Jozzy' Takács - guitars, backing vocals Dániel Szebényi - keyboards, backing vocals Viktor 'Beren' Juhász - bass guitar, backing vocals Attila 'Crow' Varjú - drums, percussion

PhoeniX Files – Scars for Sale EP

  • Még kér a nép (As Yet People Ask)
  • Dogs of War
  • Maggie's Got a Secret
  • Angel on my Shoulder
  • Day of the Dead
  • Utolsó esély (Last Chance)

'Scars for Sale' was a promotional release so it never appeared in physical form or streaming platforms. As 'PhoeniX Files' fell apart very soon after its forming because of the members' different other bands and obligations, this EP never really got any attention. But maybe soon it will be available in streaming form - who knows?